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Value our Territory, Respect the Environment, Return to Nature

We want to give a different value and meaning to viticulture in our territory. In contrast to the present-day single crop extensive agriculture, we give back to each Vineyard its importance in the cultural context and let grapes speak again for themselves. Our goal is the co-existence of nature, tradition and progress.

Gianni e Robert Spinazzè

Our Cornerstones

Territory, environment, nature and work: all aspects have to coexist under the same philosophy of mutual respect.

Speaking about Terroir today is quite complicated: plots of land are stolen from nature while modern agriculture reclaims its space. What remains must be protected and valued, and viticulture has to adapt itself to this imperative. 

  • Drastic reduction of phytosanitary treatments

  • Echo-compatibility with the surrounding environment

  • Reduction of CO2 emissions

  • Improvement of life quality of people working in the vineyard

  • Conservation of biodiversity through bushes, woods, and fruit trees. 

  • Top quality natural wine

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