The winery
Terre di Ger, casa vinicola e vigneto, a Frattina di Pravisdomini (PN) - Italia
vino friulano, terre di ger, refosco
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At the frontier between Veneto and Friuli

Terre di Ger was founded in Frattina di Pravisdomini in 1999.


The Spinazzè family, whose company has produced prestressed concrete poles for vineyards and orchards since 1965,  bought a plot of land surrounding an ancient farmhouse in the village of Frattina at the end of the Eighties and started building the winery. Today the winery counts 70 hectares of vineyards located in the DOC Friuli Grave area. The plots of land are located in the villages of Frattina, Chions, Pasiano, near the rivers Lemene and Livenza, in a narrow wedge of territory at the border between Veneto and Friuli regions. Terre di Ger’s peculiarity originates from this being “at the border” between lands, between rivers, between the mountains and the Adriatic sea.


The plots of land are mainly in the Doc Friuli Grave area. The rivers flowing from the Friuli pre-Alps have transported fine debris upon which our vines have their roots and keep aging, protected by the Alps on one side and the sea on the opposite direction. Our cellar counts around thirty barrels of French oak wood. The yearly production is around one hundred thousand bottles.


Our website is not completely updated for more info please contact us.


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