PIWI: Tasting After Tasting our Revolution Keeps Going
Terre di Ger, casa vinicola e vigneto, a Frattina di Pravisdomini (PN) - Italia
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PIWI: Tasting After Tasting our Revolution Keeps Going

PIWI: Tasting After Tasting our Revolution Keeps Going

June has been another very important month for Terre di Ger and its PIWI revolution. One tasting events after the other, resistant grape varieties are raising interest both among wine lovers and people in the wine-making business.


On Friday 7th of June the Oenological Association of Western Veneto Region has come to visit us for a special tasting event dedicated to our PIWI wines (resistant varieties) including our brand new whites coming up in Autumn, all made from resistant grape varieties such as Kretos and Soreli.

Our agronomist consultant Dr Patrizio Gasparinetti discussed about the historical evolution of resistant varieties, highlighting the difference between the German approach developed in Friburg and the one from Friuli’s University of Udine. The Wine tasting started an interesting debate on the management of this varieties both in the vineyard and in the cellar during the whole wine-making process.

Management in the field is very very important. All vineyards have to be strictly monitored during the whole summer, especially right before harvest which comes very early.

During the visit to the vineyards downy mildew resistance have been highlightened, checking the leaves and the cells that are able to isolate and resist to the disease.


On Monday, June 17 was held an evening event in Brescia named “New Frontiers”, discussing resistant varieties.

Our wine maker Nicola Biasi is an expert in PIWI grapes and a wine grower himself, during the event he explained the potential of these grapes and the interesting results that can be obtained from them.

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