Metodo Classico Sparkling Wine
Terre di Ger, casa vinicola e vigneto, a Frattina di Pravisdomini (PN) - Italia
vino friulano, terre di ger, refosco
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Classic Method Spumante

ABV: 12,5 % vol.

VINE: Chardonnay

AREA: Villaraccolta’s Vineyard in Pasiano


MATCHING: Excellent as aperitiv, ideal with starters, fresh cheese, and fish dishes.

This Sparkling Wine is obtained by Chardonnay grapes vinified according to the champenoise Classic Method (re-fermentation in the bottle). Fermentation takes place in used barriques, wine remains on the lees till tirage. Wine remains on the yeast for 36 months. The result is a great classic with yeast and ripe fruit fragrance. The taste is fresh and mouth filling, with the perception of crust of bread and mineral notes. Fine and persistent perlage.

tasting notes