Terre di Ger, casa vinicola e vigneto, a Frattina di Pravisdomini (PN) - Italia
vino friulano, terre di ger, refosco
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In Frattina, the winery complex

The Frattina vineyard (about ten hectares) is located nearby the winery center, along the road that connected the village of Pravisdomini to the Castle of Frattina, near the Lemene and Livenza rivers, in an area which around 1000 A.D. was covered by a vast forest. The name of the place derives from the latin word “fracta” “cut down” and may refer to those cleared lands where the woods used to be. The area was under the jurisdiction of Aquileia patriarchy. In recent times, at the end of the nineties, some ancient vines were recovered and their clones transplanted in order to keep the local “Carmenere” variery alive. Here we grow our Verduzzo grapes, one of the few truly indigenous wine varietal from which we produce our Limine. The land is claish with traces of sea shells, thus conferring marked minerality to wines.

10,65 hectares

1994 e 2015