Arconi Vineyard
Terre di Ger, casa vinicola e vigneto, a Frattina di Pravisdomini (PN) - Italia
vino friulano, terre di ger, refosco
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Arconi Vineyard

The Arconi Vineyard is located on the land between the villages of Chions and Pravisdomini in an area rich in water streams which had been inhabited since pre-Roman times. From an overall view, signs of the Roman agrarian land division (centuriation) can be recognized. The terrains where the vineyards have been planted present depressions which had been caused by the encounter between the hilly layers of the north-west and the sandy land coming from the Adriatic sea on the South East. This particular condition contributes enhancing wine sapidity and fragrance.

22 hectares

2002, 2013